Summer’s Dream Crown


The Summer’s Dream Crown is perfect for brides and Elven ladies. Its delicate pearls and early summer hues are perfect for spring and summer.

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The Summer’s Dream crown was inspired by Shakespeare’s “A Mid Summer’s Night’s Dream”.  The crown is large gauge upcycled copper wire that is delicately wrapped in smaller wire.  The base of the crown is surrounded in 6mm glass Swarovski pearls.  Small Swarovski pearls, amethyst, and peridot grace the top of the crown in small Danish Clusters that resemble baby’s breath.  Small hand-forged copper leaves accentuate the clusters and gives the crown a woodier feel. This crown is perfect for a bride who relishes in the romantic. Its colors are those of early to mid-summer which makes it even better for brides that are getting married in May and June.

The Summer’s Dream is also perfect for medieval cosplay and roleplay.


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