Eternal Earth Silver Earrings


Eternal Earth Sterling Silver earrings are .925 sterling silver and breathtaking turquoise beads with titanium ear wires. Hypoallergenic.

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Spirals, infinite pathways of increasing knowledge, peace, protection, and love, are symbolized in the Eternal Earth  Silver earrings.  The raw beauty of the turquoise beads symbolize the breathtaking spirit of the Earth. These earrings are perfect for those women who feel connected to the Earth, enjoy the outdoors and are free of spirit.

The spirals are  hammered .925 sterling silver.  The total length of these artfully-crafted chandelier earrings is 2 1/2 long. Each earring has three 6 mm turquoise beads and four 4 mm turquoise beads. The ear wires are titanium as a result they are  100% bio-compatible and hypoallergenic.   Anyone with metal allergies can use titanium because of its bio-compatibilty. This type of ear wire is perfect for women who have allergies to nickle, copper, sterling silver, and gold.


Eternal Earth Silver Earrings Details

  • Metal: .925 Sterling Silver and Titanium
  • Finish:  Hammered
  • Total Length: 2 1/2 inches
  • Earring Type: Chandelier
  • Gem Types, sizes, and cuts:
      • Six, 6 mm turquoise round beads
      • Eight, 4 mm turquoise round beads



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