Eternal Earth Pendant Necklace


The Eternal Earth Pendant necklace is sterling silver and natural turquoise. It is 19 inches long including the dual closure S clasp.

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The never ending journey to true enlightenment is embodied in the spiral of the Eternal Earth Pendant Necklace. The beautiful matte turquoise beads represent the wisdom that is gained along that path. Each bead is a stop along the pathway.  Enduring love, peace, tranquility, good fortune and protection are all associated with turquoise.  Ancients used the stone for healing and assistance with negative energy.

The necklace is 19 inches long including the claps. It will rest just between your collar bones. The chain is .925 sterling silver cable. The clasp is a dual closure S clap perfect for large and small hands especially those that may have difficulty closing small clasps. The clasp is also .925 sterling silver.

Wear this during meditation or yoga to promote tranquility and to relieve stress. You may just grab the eye of that cute yogi!


Eternal Earth Pendant Necklace Details

  • Metal:  .925 Sterling silver
  • Necklace Length:  19 inches including clasp
  • Necklace Type:  Cable chain
  • Clasp: Dual closure S clasp
  • Gemstone quantity, size, and shape/cut:
        • Six, 6 mm turquoise round beads
        • Seven, 4 mm turquoise beads
        • One, 3 mm turquoise bead




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